Accentus Choir

AccentusAccentus is a professional ensemble of 32 singers, founded in 1991 by Laurence Equilbey. It performs not only the principal works of the a cappella repertoire, but is also committed to the discovery and promotion of new music. accentus takes part in the main music festivals in France and internationally. The choir works regularly with the most renowned conductors and orchestras and is involved in opera and music drama.

Under its conductor, Laurence Equilbey, who founded accentus in 1991, the choir is committed to promoting the vocal arts as widely as possible, with more than 60 concerts a year on average, a cappella or with orchestra, before an ever more diverse public.

Accentus is the choir in residence at the Opéra de Rouen and performs, not only in the great concert halls and music festivals of France and around the world, but also in smaller venues in the suburbs of Paris and in villages throughout France. Sccentus is frequently asked to take part in important events, such as the Cérémonie des Justes at the Panthéon in 2007 and the bicentenary of the Cour des Comptes.

Accentus follows an active policy towards new music. It has, for example, given the premières of 60 new works in recent years by composers such as Bruno Mantovani (Cinq poèmes de Janos Pilinsky, 2005), Marco Stroppa (Lamento, 2008) and Gérard Pesson (Siegfried Idyll, Treppenmusik, 2007).

Accentus already has more than 20 discs to its name and continues to add to its discography with two recordings each year. The aim is to produce recordings that are faithful to the character of the choir, combining the standard repertoire with the more recent. A particular feature has been the two CDs of Transcriptions together with a DVD.

The members of accentus are keen to help young professional singers. They also take the art of singing into schools, hospitals, prisons and retirement homes. This multidisciplinary approach will be a central feature of the choir’s work in the coming years.

Accentus’s first dramatic concert version took place at the Feldkirch Festival in 2007, with choreography and lighting by the director Philippe Arlaud. This aspect of the choir’s work will be followed up with a production, by André Wilms of Schumann’s Paradis et la Péri.

Accentus is the first choir to use the new electronic tuning system, e-tuner, devised by Laurence Equilbey in 2007.

Accentus receives aid from the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Île-de-France of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. accentus is in residence at the Opéra de Rouen/Haute-Normandie. It is subsidised by the City of Paris and the Île-de- France Region, and also receives support from SACEM. accentus is a member of the European network tenso and of FEVIS (Fédération des Ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés). Accentus receives aid from the Orange Foundation for the singers e-tuners. The cercle des mécènes d’accentus accompanies the ensemble’s development. Mécénat Musical Société Générale is the principal patron of accents.