The Orchestra

Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra is composed from the best musicians of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra and Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra in Prague. The repertoire of this extraordinary ensemble, which has been operating since 1990 in the Czech and European music scene, contains popular titles of the symphonic and opera works. With the Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra cooperate the most important conductors of the Czech Republic and abroad. Let us mention at least the conductor of the National Theatre in Prague Jan Chalupecký, Tomáš Brauner, chief conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bohuslav Martinů in Zlín Stanislav Vavřínek, Italian conductor Alfonso Scarano, Icelandic conductor Gudni Emilsson, American conductor and composer Ludek Drizhal and many others.

The orchestra is also sought-after by many Czech and foreign soloists as an accompanying ensemble, e.g. the excellent Czech singers Zdena Kloubová, Roman Vocel, Veronika Hajnová, Slovak tenor Ondřej Šaling as well as a myriad of outstanding instrumentalists from home and abroad. Wide repertoire of this ensemble can assess the listeners throughout Europe. Prague Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra attended the Mitte Europa festival in Germany, Carniarmonie in Italy, the Czech Culture Festivities, Dvořák's Olomouc festival and it represented the Czech Republic very well as an accompanying orchestra for the Czech pop stars on their tour in Russia. 4 years ago it has been chosen as an accompanying ensemble of Rod Stewart in his European tour.

One recent project was a rare live recording for the Czech Television in Prague Navallis Festival 2009, where it performed the premiere of Cantata per Navallis by F. X. Thuri, one of the eminent composers in the baroque style. The orchestra is regularly invited at this festival every year. Its musicians are able by an excellent way to interpret baroque, classical, and romantic or contemporary music. The orchestra is also known from the recordings of music for films (The Pagan Queen, I Served the King of England, Želary), or as an ensemble collaborating on records of world rock, folk and jazz music stars (Trio Peter Paul and Mary, Sarah Sharp, Spencer Gibb).